Trust is All You Have

Save the Earth TDI

I spotted this VW Jetta  Wagon complete with all the “Save the Earth” stickers you could imagine on all sides, the only problem is… it’s a “clean diesel” TDI model. Which let me just remind you that the TDI moniker is suffering from one of the largest modern automotive scandals. My heart goes out to those individuals, like the owner of this Jetta, that believe in a cause and find a company that aligns with that cause, only to have the company destroy that loyalty.

The $15 Minimum Wage Dilemma

I have very strong feelings regarding the minimum wage. Notice I used the word feelings, because I am not an economist and I am not a politician. I like to think I am a rational human being though and I like to stay objective on hot topics. I am concerned that there are valid indirect effects and situations that are being ignored when it comes to discussing this topic.

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